Paninigrill Double

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The Panini Grill is a powerful European cooking device. You can easily and quickly please and surprise your customers by serving the most fancy, hot and European-style “panini”. It can be installed in minutes: make the electrical connection and you are in business (120V-60Hz for the single unit and 220V-60Hz for the double unit).

In most cases the Panini Grill can be operated without an exhaust hood. The quick operation and the high temperature (450°F) ensures the melting of cheeses and the heating of your ingredients without removing the natural moisture and taste of the food.

Technical Specifications
Voltage, Single Phase, 60Hz (V): 120 V
Amps Rating (Amps): 13.6 Amps
Total Wattage (W): 3000 W
Width (in): 20.25 in
Depth (in): 12.5 in
Height (in): 7 in
Packing dimension WxDxH (in): 22.5x17.75x10.5 in
Working surface (in):
Net Weight (lbs): 62 lbs
Shipping Weight (lbs): 69 lbs