Apply power only where it is required

Thanks to a special software (which is patented CMA Astoria), the machine will learn the different work loads required during various periods of the day and of the week. It will conform itself adequately by activating the indispensable functions and services each time: power will be distributed only where and when it is required!
Here is an example of how the Plus 4 You saves energy in a restaurant. The coffee machine will be working heavily in certain parts of the day (say 12:30 am – 03:00 pm) while in the remaining periods it must simply be turned on ready to be used. In this case Plus 4 You will automatically go on standby on one or more groups when the work load diminishes while it will turn on during lunch time.
In case the barista needs all the groups to be active, while they are in standby mode, it will be possible to make them operational in 60 seconds at the temperature for which they were set (the time required to dose the coffee into the baskets and prepare the cups for serving).

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