The perfect espresso

Certified Italian Espresso (INEI) is a coffee with a consistent, fine textured cream that is hazelnut to grey-brown with vivid tawny highlights. It must have an intense aroma with floral, fruity, chocolate, and toast notes. In the mouth, the espresso must be full bodied and velvety, with a hint of bitter but never sharp.

Many factors contribute to making this masterpiece for the senses: the skill and experience of the barman, a quality blend, the right grind and dose of coffee, maintenance of the equipment, and an excellent espresso coffee machine.

How Plus 4 You helps you to make the perfect espresso:

It has absolutely stable settings under any conditions of use, even under heavy volume.
Precise temperature regulation, maximum 1 °C difference in temperature, provides the constant result of quality in a cup.
Self-diagnostics of errors provides suggestions to the barman on how to obtain perfect dispensing.

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