Accounts program

When it comes to seeking out a vendor for your espresso equipment you need so much more than just someone to give you “a good deal.” Your company needs a partner to work for you in providing the very best in equipment, service and training.

General Espresso Equipment Corporation offers a National Accounts Program for food service chains that need the utmost in service and support.

The National Accounts Program offers to customize a program to fit your needs. Whether your food service application is fast casual, five star dining, college campus or sports arena, we will listen to your espresso needs and work with you to maximize your profits while minimizing your worries about support and training.

The difference
If your customers are not served a quality espresso drink, not only have you failed but so has your espresso equipment supplier. At Astoria, we have a lifelong commitment to our national accounts. From the start-up of your espresso business to every espresso drink that your guests enjoy, Astoria will be there assisting you. That is the difference.

If your business has many different espresso machine applications, we can handle it. Whether it’s a compact machine for catering, an elegant stainless steel traditional machine for a romantic bistro setting or a super automatic for a restaurant with the heaviest of volume, Astoria can fit the perfect machine for your needs.

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