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All Eyes On

The products from our Greenline – a revolutionary series of environmentally friendly coffee machines which allow for energy savings of up to 47,6% compared to traditional coffee machines – are symbols of technological excellence and of Astoria’s green philosophy. These machines use separate boilers for each individual brewing group and innovative software that manages the automatic stand-by system during breaks. They also feature a night-time energy-saving function and intelligent temperature adjustment that only switches on when needed.

In addition to guaranteeing a perfect espresso – a sensory masterpiece certified by INEI, Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (Italian National Espresso Institute) –, the new generation of our Plus4You fits perfectly into any context where the coffee machine is regarded not just as another appliance but as a design and furnishing feature. In short, we have here a machine specifically designed to guarantee satisfaction to the barista, thanks to the quality of the coffee produced; to technicians, thanks to easy maintenance and programming; to coffee shops, thanks to the optimal quality-performance-price ratio, and, of course, to design aficionados as well.

The new Plus4You can be equipped with a system of distance telemetry that can remotely control the parameters of the machine’s use and consumption. This feature is particularly useful for the coffee house. On another front, the most evident new visual trend concerns the display, with the introduction of an ample, next-generation capacitive touch screen designed to combine functionality with cutting edge aesthetics.